12/01/2015 05:23 EST | Updated 12/01/2015 05:59 EST

Best Skincare Products To Get You Through Winter

This holiday season, give your body the gift of good winter skincare products.

Winter — a time where we complain to our friends, mothers and co-workers how dry our skin, hands and lips are. And everyone totally understands, because the struggle is so real for us all.

This holiday season, give your body the gift of good winter skincare products that will keep you feeling moisturized from head to toe. Yes, it's important for us all to remember that our face isn't the only dry spot on our body. Our legs, scalp, hands and even cuticles deserve a little love too.

And for that, Monica Richards from ModaMob outlines the skincare products you'll need this winter to help you reach ultimate moisture goals. And here's the areas you need to focus on:

First, begin with your hair and scalp. Finding the right mask is important for bring hydration back to brittle, flaky hair. Next, it's all about those legs. Sure, you don't shave too often in the cold months (we don't blame you), but your gams get dried out from indoor heating and outdoor winds. Then, move onto your hands — it's all about finding the perfect cream to keep your palms feeling smooth all day long. And don't forget about those cuticles — it might not sound like a big deal, but nothing is more irritating than a dry nailbed.

And lastly, that precious face of yours. Target the eyes, lips and the skin's natural barrier to lock in hydration by using masks, treatments and hydrating mists.

Check out the video above for all the product recommendations you'll need this season!

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