12/01/2015 05:18 EST | Updated 12/01/2015 05:59 EST

Women Hockey Players Face The Stupidest Questions. Here's Proof.

"Do you even practice?"

Believe it or not, that's one of the less offensive questions asked of female hockey players.

Others are so bad that UBC student and hockey player Kirsten Toth had to leave them out of "Stupid Questions Female Hockey Players Get Asked," a humourous (and very insightful) video that was posted to YouTube last week.

Toth, a sociology student, was tasked with making a video for her creative writing in new media class, Global News reported.

So she decided to make one in which she and her UBC Thunderbirds teammates opened up about the questions that they face as women who play hockey.

"These are some challenges that we face on the daily," Toth told the network.

"I’m aware that women have been preaching for equality in sport for some time, and I did my research and I know there’s not a lot of videos on the Internet that takes the approach that we took in our video."

The video shows players sitting in locker rooms, in the stands and even in the gym as they list the piles of sexist inquiries they have to deal with.

"Do you even lift?"

One player answered by hoisting a barbell to her shoulders.

"Do you wear pink gear?"

A player responded by putting on a pink helmet and saying, sarcastically, "Only when I want to look pretty."

The project reminds us of the #CoverTheAthlete campaign, which released this video last month, in an effort to stop female athletes from being asked sexist questions.

Come on, people. Ask her more. Heck, ask all athletes more.

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