12/02/2015 04:45 EST | Updated 12/02/2015 04:59 EST

With Wendy: DIY Winter Cape

DIY fashion guru, With Wendy to the rescue!

There is much to love about winter capes.

Long or cropped, they are infinitely more elegant (and breathable) than bulky winter jackets; they will dress up your denim and will never spoil your evening look and they make you look and feel a little like a superhero — all while keeping you cozy!

Speaking of superheros, DIY fashion guru, With Wendy, recently fell in love with a stunning wool cape online, only to discover that it cost about $1,000. Rather than despair, she did what any true DIY fashion guru would do — she made her own!

Now, in the video above, With Wendy is sharing how she made her gorgeous wool cape, so that you can make one too. This cape only cost Wendy about $60 to make, and it is easier than you'd expect. Check out the results:

A photo posted by Wendy (@withwendy) on

A photo posted by Wendy (@withwendy) on

Head over to Wendy's website for information about the material she used and a breakdown of steps she followed. Then, follow the full tutorial above. Let us know how your winter cape turns out in the comments, and check back next week for more DIY fashion With Wendy.

Wendy Liu is a Toronto-based DIY fashion guru. If you love her amazing DIY tutorials as much as we do, head over to her blog With Wendy or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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