12/02/2015 03:06 EST | Updated 12/02/2016 05:12 EST

Ontario Liberals Add 15 New Ridings, Bringing Total To 122

TORONTO — The Ontario government is adjusting the province's electoral map to bring it in line with the one used for federal elections.

The government says population changes in southern Ontario have prompted it to add 15 new ridings to that part of the province, bringing the total up to 122.

The government says most of the new additions are in rapidly growing major centres like Toronto, Ottawa, York and Durham.

kathleen wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks to reporters following a meeting with premiers hosted by the Council of The Federation in Ottawa. (Photo: Justin Tang/CP)

The number of seats in northern Ontario remains fixed at 11.

The new electoral boundaries closely mimic similar changes made at the federal level, where new ridings were established across the province during the October election.

The new ridings will be in place on time for the next provincial election, which is currently slated for some time in 2018.

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