12/02/2015 11:41 EST

Deadly Ottawa Bus Crash In 2013 Caused By Speed, Distractions, Other Factors

"Given the same circumstances, this accident could have happened to just about any driver."

OTTAWA— The Transportation Safety Board says driving distractions, speed and roadway configuration were among a multitude of factors that led to a deadly 2013 collision in Ottawa between a city bus and a Via Rail train.

In its final report on the crash— six people on board the double-decker OCTranspo bus were killed, including the driver— the board concluded that a number of factors conspired together in the moments before impact.

"Given the same circumstances, this accident could have happened to just about any driver,'' said Rob Johnston, the lead investigator.

The board concluded that the driver's view of the road was obstructed by foliage as the bus approached the crossing just as the train was coming into its path. The driver was also distracted by an on-board video monitor and passenger conversations, the report said.

The board had already concluded that the bus was in good mechanical shape, the brakes were working and there were no drugs or alcohol involved.

"This complex investigation identified 15 inter-related findings that played a part in this tragedy,'' said board chairwoman Kathy Fox.

"Remove even one, and this may have had a very different outcome. But because of this accident, we are calling for concerted action to reduce the risk of railway crossing accidents.''

To address what it calls major safety deficiencies identified during the investigation, the board made five recommendations.

They cover the installation and use of in-vehicle video displays on buses, crashworthiness standards, data recorders for commercial passenger buses, and grade separations at busy railway crossings, both in Ottawa and across Canada.


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