12/02/2015 05:01 EST | Updated 12/02/2015 05:59 EST

5 TV Villains With Super Chic Style

The worst people on television dress better than we do. (Or, with the onslaught of Donald Trump press, I should probably say the worst characters on TV dress better than us.)

Shows like "Scream Queens," "American Horror Story: Hotel," and even "Supergirl’s" Cat Grant (who isn’t so much villainous as she is just a stone cold boss) bring their style A-game to prime time, and prove tenfold how aesthetically sound most villains can be.

So, because we’d rather channel a badass b than a baby one, here’s our round-up of TV’s most morally and/or ethically questionable, and why we love what they wear so much. (Although, for the record, just do the opposite of what they do.)

Villain Chic

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