12/03/2015 10:28 EST | Updated 12/03/2015 12:59 EST

Baby Holding Technique: Doctor Reveals Genius Trick To Soothe A Crying Baby

A California pediatrician has earned his reputation as a baby whisperer thanks to a simple trick he discovered can soothe a crying baby in seconds.

In a YouTube video that has now gone viral, Dr. Robert Hamilton, of Santa Monica’s Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, explains the technique he uses to calm babies after they get their shots. It’s called “The Hold” and consists of holding a baby at a 45-degree angle.

First, Hamilton crosses the baby’s arms over his or her chest and places one of his hands on top to hold them up and support their chin. He then places his other hand on their butt to “shake his little booty.”

Watch the video above to see Dr. Hamilton demonstrate this effective technique.

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