12/03/2015 04:33 EST | Updated 12/03/2015 04:59 EST

WATCH: This Cat Has The Most Unique Purr

There's something soothing about a cat's purr. It's slow and steady, low yet loud.

Tribble the cat's purr is only a few of those things, but it's 100 per cent adorable. The eight-year-old cat, who was adopted and returned twice, makes a sort of chirping sound as he purrs. It's a sound you'd expect to hear from a cricket or a dolphin rather than from a cat.

The purring sound that comes from cats is considered a sign of contentment from the animal and is believed to come from both the larynx and diaphragm, Wired reports.

Watch the video above, by YouTube channel Sho Ko,to learn more about Tribble and to hear his unique purr.

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