12/04/2015 08:41 EST | Updated 12/04/2016 00:12 EST

Angry exchanges mark end of Tory insider testimony at Scud Stud defamation trial

CALGARY — A lawyer for Arthur Kent is suggesting anger fuelled comments from one of the anonymous sources used in an article critical of the former journalist's run for office.

Party insider Alan Hallman spoke to columnist Don Martin about Kent's campaign to win a seat for the Progressive Conservatives in the 2008 Alberta provincial election.

Kent, who became known as the Scud Stud for his Gulf War reporting on U.S. television, filed a lawsuit over the article, which was headlined "'Scud Stud' a 'Dud' on the Election Trail."

In cross-examination of Hallman in court, Kent's lawyer Michael Bates suggested Hallman was furious when he was rejected for a job with Kent's campaign.

Bates argued that Hallman insisted on being anonymous in the article because he was afraid it could cause him problems if Kent were elected.

Hallman said he was angry because Kent's campaign was a disaster and he wanted to remain anonymous because Kent had a history of filing lawsuits and he didn't want to be sued.