12/03/2015 09:19 EST | Updated 12/04/2015 06:59 EST

The 17 Stages Of Writing Your Final Exams

Class ends.

And you're like this.

Then the next day hits.

And you're hungover.

You need to find your books to study.

But your dorm room looks like this.

And a seat at the library.

But this is what greets you.

You finally find a place to sit.

And it's time to get down to business.

But instead of reading your books, you look at this.

11 p.m. comes, and you start going blind from reading.

1 a.m. rolls around, and you're like this.

2 a.m. rolls around, and you look like this.

And your exam is in six hours.


In the morning, you make up ways to save time and study more.

Like forgetting to eat breakfast ...

Brush your teeth ...

Or dress properly.

When you write the exam, you're like this.


And when you're finished, you're like this.

Waiting for the grade feels like this.

But when it finally comes, it's all ...

Or maybe ...

But all you have to think about now is Christmas.

Happy holidays! And don't stress yourself — there's always next semester!

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