This Girl In A 'Monsters Inc.' Costume Is The Cutest Thing Since 'Monsters Inc.'

Boo was cute enough. But this is something else.

Boo from "Monsters Inc." may be one of the cutest characters that has ever appeared in a film.

But a little girl who dressed up as her for cosplay purposes could be even cuter than the character she's pretending to be.

Costume Stress Testing, toddler style. #BooCosplay #Monstersinc #monstersincboo #cosplaywip #LittleLolo #littlelolocosplay

Posted by Avalyn Cosplay on Thursday, 3 December 2015

The video appeared on the Facebook account for Avalyn Cosplay, a Seattle-based costume design business that makes outfits for events such as comic conventions.

The designer, Amanda, had her daughter perform a "stress test" on the costume.

Here's another video of the adorable toddler from her Instagram:

Bad kitty. #LittleLolo #littlelolocosplay #Monstersinc #monstersincboo #BooCosplay #monstersinccosplay #badkitty #sully

A video posted by Amanda (Avalyn Cosplay) (@padmeamanda) on

And here's the full costume in another post:

Boo stole our hearts once. But now a little girl dressed as her has gone and done it all over again.

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