7 Smart Ways To Avoid The Flu

Your keyboard? Yeah, it needs a good wipe down ASAP.

As we all know, germs are hiding everywhere this time of year, and even if you've gotten your flu shot, there's still a possibility of getting sick.

In the video above from Elle Decor, the site shares seven ways you can minimize the possibility of getting a virus throughout your home. And while we think washing your sheets every day is possibly a bit excessive, WebMD does recommend following a more regular wash schedule throughout cold and flu season, and being sure to avoid a sick person's hand and face towels.

Cleaning blogger Melissa Maker of "Clean My Space" also notes the things we all regularly touch in the home that you should disinfect often, including remote controls, toilet flushers and railings.

Have any hints to keep colds and flu at bay? Let us know in the comments below.

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