WATCH: People React To Being Called Beautiful

How would you react to a compliment from a stranger?

What would you do if someone you barely know told you you were beautiful? Would you smile? Laugh? Cover your face? Or think they were joking?

When 18-year-old student Shea Glover picked up her camera to take pictures of things she thought was beautiful, she saw all those reactions and so much more. In the 4:47 minute art project turned social experiment above, Glover asked a handful of students if she could take their picture. While filming, Glover then revealed that she wanted to take the photos because she believes the person is beautiful.

Set to Arcade Fire's "Song on the Beach," most of the students' straight faces turned to smiles, with a few eye rolls and sighs mixed in for good measure.

As for what makes the filmmaker smile, it's the comments she's received since posting the video to YouTube earlier this year. "I love film and my love of it transfers over to others and if that's not magic, I don't know what is," Glover said in a response to a compliment she received on Instagram.

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