12/04/2015 15:32 EST | Updated 12/04/2016 00:12 EST

Person looking for drug dealer phones northern Alberta Mountie by mistake

BOYLE, Alta. — If you're trying to track down your drug dealer, it's probably a good idea to make sure you haven't phoned a police officer by mistake.

An RCMP officer in Boyle, Alta., recently received several unsolicited calls to his personal cell phone from a person looking to purchase narcotics.

The first time, the officer informed the caller they had dialled the wrong number and hung up.

But when the person kept calling back, the officer finally asked who the caller was looking for.

The caller gave him the name of a person of interest in an ongoing drug investigation into street-level drug trafficking.

The information inadvertently provided to police was used to obtain a search warrant on an apartment in Athabasca, Alta., where illegal drugs were found by police.

"Police work doesn't get much easier than this," said Sgt. Kevin McGillivray, commander of the Boyle RCMP detachment.

Trevor Dennis, 41, of Athabasca, was charged Friday with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and possession of cocaine.

He was released on bail to appear in provincial court Dec. 14.