12/04/2015 16:03 EST | Updated 12/04/2016 00:12 EST

Service Alberta charges Calgary-based home renovation company and its owner

CALGARY — A Calgary-based home renovation company is facing 180 regulatory charges after a year-long investigation by the consumer investigation unit of Service Alberta.

The Remodelers Ltd., and its subsidiary the Remodelers Special Projects Ltd., are charged along with owner Bruce Maxwell Hopkins.

Service Alberta says it launched the investigation after receiving complaints from 27 individuals a year ago following the bankruptcy of the company.

Of those complaints, 22 have resulted in charges.

Service Alberta says the financial losses incurred by the 22 complainants total approximately $5 million.

The charges include operating without a pre-paid contractor licence, misleading consumers and failing to provide refunds.

If found guilty, Hopkins could face up to a two-year jail sentence or a significant financial penalty.