12/04/2015 01:57 EST | Updated 12/04/2015 01:59 EST

Spanish Hairdresser Uses Swords And Fire To Cut Hair

People of planet earth, there is a real-life Edward Scissorhands that walks amongst us (and naturally, cuts hair).

In what has got to be the scariest haircut on earth, Spanish hairdresser Alberto Olmedo takes your average haircuts to a whole new level with his out-of-the ordinary techniques of using samurai swords and fire.

"Hairdressers usually cut one side, and then the other. And one side is always a bit different than the other," Olmedo says in the video above. "The only way to do it in an mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously."

Cue the swords.

cutting hair with swords

To begin the process, the Spanish hairdresser gets his clients to drape their hair over a chair. Once down, the swords come out and the cut begins. With tremendous skill (we admit), Olmedo shapes the hair. Next, he gets his scissorhands on, chopping rapidly at the hair with both scissors and metal finger claws (yup, we're officially terrified).

alberto olmedo

And lastly, who could forget about the whole fire part of the cut? Olmedo uses a blow torch at a temperature of 1,300 C for the final touches, reports The Daily Mail.

fire haircut

By using these "primitive tools," the Madrid-based stylist calls the practice "medieval."

"Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination to get positive results," he says.

We'll pass, thanks.

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