12/06/2015 10:58 EST | Updated 12/06/2015 11:59 EST

Ryan Gosling Giggles His Way Through 'SNL' Skit

Not that we're mad about it.

Never have we been so happy to see a live skit fly off the rails.

Ryan Gosling got the giggles during a skit this weekend on "Saturday Night Live" when he played a dopey country bumpkin who got abducted by aliens. (Watch above.)

The Ontario-born actor was stone-faced through questions about how one pees in space, and how he found "blankets made of pure love" — but then "SNL" actress Kate McKinnon launched into a story of her own.

She and cast member Cecily Strong, for their part, kept it together in the "Close Encounters" segment. But Gosling couldn't recover.

Not that we're mad about it, though.

Giggle on, Gosling.

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