12/07/2015 01:36 EST | Updated 01/28/2016 12:59 EST

101-Year-Old Albina Foisy's Reaction To Viral Fame Is As Delightful As Her Playing In The Snow

The Lillooet, B.C. woman's reaction to seeing herself on the news is delightful.

A 101-year-old Canadian who charmed the Internet when her son recorded a video of her playing in the snow may have just done it again.

Armand Foisy was driving with his mother, Albina, last month in Lillooet, B.C. when he stopped the car on the side of the road. The senior decided to jump out of the car to throw a snowball and just enjoy the winter weather.

"Oh my, oh my, look at this," Albina is heard saying with wonder in the video that has delighted watchers not only in Canada, but also around the world.

Armand Foisy told The Huffington Post Canada last month that his mother has an "unending curiosity."

The video that he originally uploaded to Facebook has been viewed more than eight million times.

Armand has now posted a second video showing his mother's reaction to all the hoopla.

As she watches a local newscast about herself, Albina exclaims, "There I am! That's me! That's me!"

We were excited to see you too, Ms. Foisy.

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