12/08/2015 11:45 EST

Alberta Court Rules Couple Can Keep Brain-Dead Daughter Alive For A Month

Hermella will remain on life support until Jan. 4.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — A couple in Lethbridge, Alta., will have a little more time with their eight-month-old daughter after a judge delayed a decision to take her off of life support.

Hermella Mammo was diagnosed with brain cancer at two months old and after surgery to remove a rare type of tumour, she contracted a virus that doctors say left her brain dead.

Her doctors said she would never recover and should be removed from life support, but the family disagreed.

Hermella's parents say they've seen signs of life and went to court to fight for the legal right to keep her alive.

"We're so emotional, we're so happy that we have time."

Just before proceedings began, lawyers with Alberta Health Services gave Hermella's parents a stack of legal submissions and the judge ruled the couple should have more time to review that information.

Anna Motsyk, Hermella's mother, says she believes her child will recover.

"We're so emotional, we're so happy that we have time and that she'll recover,'' she said. "We have one more month and she'll do good.''

The family says they have no money for the case and made a plea for any lawyers to come forward and work with them for free, a plea echoed by the judge in the case.

The family has until Dec. 28 to file any new information in court.

In the meantime, Hermella will remain on life support until Jan. 4 when a decision will be made in her case.

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