12/09/2015 02:57 EST | Updated 12/09/2015 03:59 EST

Jamie Arsenault, Alberta Musician, Hopes To Conquer Hate With 'Refugee Song'

Frustrated with hateful comments about refugees on social media, Alberta musician Jamie Arsenault decided to respond in the way she knows best.

"My music always seems to reflect what I feel passionate about and what's happening around the world, or in the world around me," Arsenault told The Huffington Post Alberta. "I guess I felt compelled to write this song because of the amount of hatred I was seeing on my news feed."

Titled "Refugee Song," the ballad is sung from the perspective of a mother in a war-torn region, trying to reassure her child with a lullaby.

"All I'm asking, is for a safe place," she sings. "To let my defences down."

Arsenault, 21, says the writing process was fast because she felt so connected to the topic.

"When a song has that kind of passion from me it just kind of pours out."

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She's asking people to share her music to spread a message of understanding.

"I'd like to ask that if you like the message of the song, that you consider sharing it, and to add your own positive thoughts encouraging people to consider what refugees have gone through and are going through," Arsenault wrote in a Facebook post. "Maybe we can conquer some of the misinformation and the hate."

Arsenault, who livesin Grande Prairie, has been seeing some nice response to her post.

"It's hardly had any negativity which has been really, really nice," Arsenault told HuffPost.

The singer says she plans to continue with the theme of social justice in her music and hopes to bring attention to issues such as overcrowding at the SPCA.

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