12/10/2015 02:20 EST | Updated 12/10/2015 02:59 EST

Rice Ball Babies Are Taking Over Japan

Baby faces are the cutest, but baby faces squished into the shape of rice balls are even cuter!

In Japan, this trend is exploding on social media thanks to comedian Masahiro Ehara. According to Buzzfeed, he was the first to post photos on Twitter of him squishing his kids’ faces.

Rice balls are traditional Japanese treats that are shaped by hand. For reference, they look like this:

japan rice ball

Ever since Ehara’s baby photos went viral back in June, rice ball babies has become one of Japan’s biggest memes. Now everyone is posting the most adorable images of themselves squishing their little one’s face on social media.

Here are some of our favourites (don't worry, no child was harmed in the face squishing):

リベンジ。 #赤ちゃんおにぎり

A photo posted by @sachikoxxx on

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