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These Are The Cities With The Worst Traffic In Canada

Congratulations Toronto, your streets are the actual WORST.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's driven in a major Canadian city that traffic can get ugly on the streets. And according to a new study from The 10 and 3, Toronto gets to lay claim to the exact kind of title it would prefer not to have — the city with the worst traffic in the country.

In an infographic (you can see it with a full breakdown here), the analytical site used Google Maps to determine how long it will take for a "worst case scenario" trip in major metropolises across the country.

That is to say, they compared how long a route would take with no traffic vs. how long it takes in bad traffic (likely rush hour, or similarly busy times) and used the difference to calculate which city had it the worst. The logic was practical — it determined where people can allow themselves a little bit of wiggle room in terms of getting to a destination, as opposed to building in extra time.

As for the worst offenders, Toronto and Montreal came out on top — if you can call it that. Vancouver and Calgary were next up, and as a commenter on the site pointed out, when you add population into the mix, the numbers make perfect sense. Except for Edmonton — it seems like The Big E might be doing something right when it comes to people vs. cars.

Earlier this year, we noted that driving was the worst way to commute for your mental health, as it appeared to cause stress and related problems, specifically due to traffic.

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