12/11/2015 11:52 EST | Updated 11/21/2016 01:46 EST

These Funny Christmas Cards Make Everything About The Holidays Hilarious

These cards are presents in and of themselves.

There tends to be a divide when it comes to Christmas cards — some people think they're an annoyance to be slapped on top of a gift, while others think they are the thing that makes a present perfect.

As far as preferences go, we like to opt for humour as much as possible. Some of the funniest cards for occasions all year come out at Christmas, and hey, the holidays can be tense enough with all the pressure to buy great gifts and see family members (or significant other's family members) you may otherwise avoid the rest of the year.

We say, make it hilarious, or at least uncomfortable enough that you'll have something to giggle at for the remainder of the holidays.

Check out these hilarious cards from around the web (some of which you could still order in time for Christmas!):

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