12/11/2015 01:46 EST | Updated 12/11/2015 03:00 EST

Justin Trudeau Kills Time At The Airport Like The Rest Of Us

Much anticipation built up at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Thursday night as the first large group of Syrian refugees coming to Canada by government aircraft was expected to arrive.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a point of being at the terminal to greet them.

"How you will receive these people tonight will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives, but also I know something that you will remember for the rest of your lives,'' Trudeau told the crowd gathered to welcome the newcomers.

"Tonight matters, not just for Canada but for the world."

Buuuuut the flight's arrival was delayed. By more than three hours.

Slight bummer.

But hey, Trudeau likely killed time like the rest of us do at the airport.

  • Bump into a friend.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
    "I'm going to Tim's, you want something?"
    "Actually, yeah, I'll walk with you. I could use a coffee and a honey crueller."
    "Walnut crunch is my favourite, actually."
    "Huh. I wouldn't have guessed."
  • Pick up coffee and a doughnut.
    Jordon Cooper/Flickr via Creative Commons
  • Check out the gift shop.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
    No, wait, that's the winter clothing that will be handed out to Syrian refugees arriving at Pearson International Airport. Never mind.
  • Stare at the arrivals monitor.
    Daniel Paquet/Flickr via Creative Commons
  • Take some selfies.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
  • Take more selfies.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
  • Stare at the arrivals monitor again.
    Mark Blinch/Canadian Press
  • Check phone for text from McCallum, get distracted.
  • OK, more selfies.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
  • Do this.
    *Not the prime minister
  • Buy new headphones.
    Chris Barker/Flickr via Creative Commons
  • McCallum still hasn't texted. Take another selfie.
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
  • Yay! Plane's here!
    Nathan Denette/Canadian Press
    "Hi, new Canadians! My name is Justin. What's yours?"

With files from The Canadian Press

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