Mom Who Bought 300 Christmas Presents For Kids Has Strong Message For Critics

Critics are calling her materialistic and saying that her children are spoiled.

A U.K. mom is under fire after she posted an Instagram photo of her Christmas tree overflowing with presents. Now she’s hitting back at critics who are calling her materialistic.

Mom-of-three Emma Tapping first posted the image to Instagram last week, showing her Christmas tree almost completely buried by about 300 presents. The image was then uploaded to Facebook without her consent and shared more than 100,000 times.

On the Facebook photo, the user added the caption:

In the comments, many users agreed that the mom was “delusional” and criticized her for bragging. “[Her kids] will have no appreciation for little things in life,” one wrote.

In response, Tapping took to Facebook to hit back with a simple, but strong message: “I LOVE Christmas I LOVE spoiling my kids in the festive season and I work damn hard to make sure it is every bit as amazing as it can be.”

Then, during an interview with British talk show “This Morning,” the 35-year-old mom said: “The way I see it is you could buy your kids two presents and still have a little terror. My kids know the difference between right and wrong and they appreciate everything they get and they don't get spoiled throughout the year.”

"The way I see it is you could buy your kids two presents and still have a little terror."

Tapping is a mom to two daughters, aged 13 and 9, and a 19-month-old son. This year, she spent about $2,300 on all their presents, reports.

While many were quick to criticize her actions, there were some who defended the mother’s choice to spoil her kids. ““They are her kids and it is her business," one wrote.

Another said: “Why is everyone getting so uptight over this? If this woman can afford and wants to do this, then she should be able to without all of you out there complaining.”

Despite the controversy, Tapping wrote a final note on her blog’s Facebook page, saying: “Please try and remember this is about 3 little children, their Christmas, their tree.”

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