12/11/2015 01:26 EST | Updated 12/11/2015 01:59 EST

Move Over Selfie Stick, The Selfie Mirror Has Arrived

Santa, make our wish come true (for the sake of technology).

Have you ever dreamed of a world where you don't have to feel embarrassed walking around with a selfie stick to capture that perfect picture? Well friends, those days are soon upon us.

Introducing the Selfie Mirror, the world's first smart mirror createdy by Smart Ltd. that claims to take the perfect selfie with its built-in camera, professional lighting and hi-fi sound system (you know, so you can dance to Justin Bieber's new album while snapping the pics).

Measuring in at 27 inches by 47 inches, the mirror, which is currently in its crowdfunding stages, is lined with 2,000 lumens of LED lights and has a special app built-in for those professional, studio quality pics. The app allows you to choose a number of frames and instantly shares the photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. And for all those vloggers out there, get ready to communicate with the world in the moment; HD video can be uploaded to YouTube in seconds.

And if your friends, parents or significant other are scolding you for even considering purchasing this innovative device, just tell them it includes a smart home control feature which consists of a two-way video surveillance camera, motion sensors and emotional sensors (so you can, uh, gage the feelings of whoever it is you're watching). Since it's a smart mirror, it basically acts as a digital hub that can let you control everything from the doorbell to the thermostat to the lighting.

Not a selfie-taking queen? No problem. A business version of the mirror is available on the built-in app, with quick access to applications such as Uber and Google Maps.

The San Francisco-based developers' Indiegogo account is currently sitting at 20 per cent of their $50,000 flexible goal. The mirror is valued at $250 USD (and $200 for a smaller version) and is available for pre-order on The Indiegogo page shows the mirror has 23 backers and 12 days left in the campaign, which has us asking: are our dreams of making the selfie mirror become a reality about to be crushed? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we'll be practicing our smize.

Watch the video above for all the details on the Selfie Mirror!

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