12/14/2015 02:22 EST | Updated 12/15/2015 02:59 EST

Plus-Size Model Is A First In New Christian Louboutin Ad

From red-soled shoes to red lipstick.

Body positivity makes its way to luxury cosmetics, thanks to Christian Louboutin’s lipstick ad campaign featuring plus-size model, Clementine Desseaux.

Desseaux, a 27-year-old model from France, stars in the 15-second ad where she sports bright red lips, as she poses with strong winds blowing through her hair. The short video ends with Clementine’s name scrawled on a coffee cup, beside the lipstick.

The brand shared the ad on their social media accounts on Dec. 9, calling Desseaux a “natural beauty." Known for their signature red-soled high heels, Louboutin has been praised for breaking ground with Desseaux’s casting.

Desseaux, who has modelled for American Apparel, told the Daily Mail being a curvier girl modelling in France was so hard she had to move to New York.

“'They [Christian Louboutin] are opening up to all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blond, skinny, white woman type,' Desseaux said.

Earlier this year, Desseaux told Allure that she didn't see herself as plus-size, but preferred it over "minus-size."

"I feel like we've been talking about this for so long," she said. "I just don't consider myself plus size, but if that's what people want to call me, I'm fine with it. I like diversity, I like curves, but plus size is cool because it's plus."

Plus-size models have been at the forefront of body positivity conversations in the fashion industry, but rarely headline makeup ad campaigns. MAC Cosmetics featured plus-size model Luzmaria Vargas in their MACnificent Me ads in September, which celebrated diverse beauty expression.

The red lipstick Desseaux advertises, Rouge Matte Velvet, is as luxe as they come — it retails for almost $120 Canadian and is described as “transforming the everyday lipstick into a magic talisman” that doubles as jewelry. The bejewelled black vial is threaded with a silk ribbon, which can be worn as a necklace.

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