12/14/2015 04:56 EST | Updated 12/14/2015 04:59 EST

Potluck Appetizer Ideas To Cover You For Every Holiday Meal

The perfect potluck appetizer is easy to transport, doesn't need reheating and bite-sized.

If you're finding yourself towards the end of December with five separate potluck dinner invitations looming and no idea what to make, don't worry — there are plenty of smart, delicious options to be had.

A great potluck appetizer is easy to transport, doesn't need reheating, and bite-sized to ensure maximum enjoyment of the meal. But with these choices we've picked out, we completely understand if you want to make yourself a main course out of apps.

You'll notice there are many vegetarian options here, and that's on purpose — not only does it offer people with more selective diets some choice, but it also saves room for what's coming later in the evening.

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