12/14/2015 05:54 EST | Updated 12/14/2015 05:59 EST

Prevent Stolen Luggage With The Ultimate Personalized Suitcase

Is it too late to ask for this for Christmas?

If luggage tags, bag straps and ribbons don't stop thieves -- or other travellers -- from grabbing your bags, maybe this will help.

Imgur user jew3lr0se shared the photo above on the image-sharing site with the caption, " The best way to never lose your luggage... is also a shrine to your former self."

The photo of the unknown traveller sitting with a suitcase displaying his likeness has garnered over 2.7 million views in the 18 hours it has been online, though most commenters seem more distracted by the man's socks and sandals than the luggage itself.

Still, we think this guy's on to something, and we think a custom HuffPost Living bag would be the perfect accessory for our travels. If you too want a custom bag with your image on it, order one here and you might just get it in time for Christmas!

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