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Editor's Pick: THEFACESHOP The Real Nature Masks

You've seen the celeb selfies, now try out the mask.

Celebrities take their skincare regime very seriously.

And so do I.

Recently, I've been seeing A LOT of Hollywood A-listers posting photos of themselves to social media in sheet masks. You know, those cloth masks that look totally scary?

See for yourself:

Lady Gaga

Me? Oh I'm not available. Check back later 💋

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Chrissy Teigen


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

And even Chris Pratt!

Horrifying and kind of Hannibal-like? Maybe. But don't go judging a book by its cover just yet.

For we lazy girls who want perfect skin without the hassle of applying a handful of serums and other facial products, the sheet mask is a godsend. Landing in our beauty routines from South Korea, the thin cotton sheet is a pre-packed face mask that comes complete with eye, mouth and nose holes (example A of the scariness).

Inside the pack, the mask is soaked in a liquid-based formula full of nutrients. All you need to do, lazy beauty junkie, is open the pack, take out the mask, place it over your face, leave it on for the directed time and reap in the benefits (as you wait for your skin to absorb the vitamins, might I suggest sending a selfie to your friends on Snapchat? They'll love it. I promise).

My personal favourite sheet mask? THEFACESHOP The Real Nature Masks.

These one single-use masks leave the skin supple and smooth in an instant thanks to their natural processing system and come in a variety of "flavours" such as aloe, blueberry, pomegranate and green tea, to name a few.

For the creation of their masks, THEFACESHOP extract raw ingredients at a low temperature, preventing natural minerals and nutrients from being damaged. Each sheet contains a serum with moisturizing and nourishing properties, which my skin is particularly grateful for in the winter months.

After removing the masks and rubbing any excess serum on my neck and chest, my skin is left feeling soft, brightened and healthy. Unlike other clay or charcoal-based masks I use, my face feels so hydrated that I don't need to add any cream for extra moisture.

The complete collection of The Real Nature Masks has a total of 15 masks, each with its own unique ingredients and functions. So if you're looking for a mask that battles anti-aging, go for the blueberry pack. Brightening? Lemon works well. Or maybe your skin needs to be purified? Give the mung bean mask a go.

And the best part? These masks are totally affordable, coming in at two dollars a pack. They're available in stores nationwide and at

So get ready to channel your inner celeb all while experiencing K-beauty (that's Korean beauty, FYI) at its finest.

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