12/15/2015 12:39 EST | Updated 12/15/2015 12:59 EST

Albinism Is Beautiful: Parents Celebrate Their Children With One Simple Hashtag


Albinism is a rare genetic condition that affects skin pigment due to the body not producing enough melanin. Essentially, those who have albinism can have little to no pigment in their hair, skin or eyes. It can also cause vision impairment.

Kids with albinism can face a lot of teasing and bullying. They are called names like "ghost" or "milk bar kid." In parts of Tanzania, they are hunted for their body parts as they are thought to have magical powers.

To help raise awareness about albinism, moms and dads of Instagram have been sharing photos of their kids who have this condition and including the hashtag #albinismisbeautiful. We couldn't agree more.

this is a throwback of Noah still in the NICU, days after being born. we had no idea he would be born with albinism, but we were truly blessed with an amazing guy. today is the first ever UN recognized day for International Albinism Awareness. It's an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people with albinism and join the struggle against the difficulties they face. I'm proud to have a son with albinism and proud to see him overcome his struggles while always staying happy and positive about the future. “Awareness is the groundwork for action, and this first International Albinism Awareness Day is a beacon of hope for people with albinism everywhere,” -the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights💖#albinism #albinismawareness #albinismisbeautiful #internationalalbinismawarenessday #embracetheskinyourein

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Smiles from my baby girl xoxo

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Traditions. #albinism #albinismisbeautiful #albinismawareness #baby #love #precious #cuddles

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Izzybug and her crazy faces! #bissynutblog #adoptionrocks #albinismisbeautiful

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She's my life! My life is beautiful! #Sundayselfies #mygirl #mylife #avaclarke

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My baby is so happy bout her cake!!!! #albinismisbeautiful #albinism_beautiful #inmyskiniwin #her7thbday

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Hello, kitty. #itsalmostlizzybirthday #lindalizzy

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Look da creche de hoje! #love #cute #mylove #albinismisbeautiful

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