12/15/2015 05:25 EST | Updated 12/15/2015 05:59 EST

This Brilliant DIY Gives You A Forced Phone Detox In Time For Christmas

If you've had a family gathering over the past decade or so, you are more than familiar with this problem.

Once the dinner is over and there's nothing to do with your hands, surreptitiously, everyone starts getting out their phones. Soon, what was an intimate party for loved ones you don't see nearly enough has turned into a scene where everyone has their head tucked down and is staring at their own personal screen.

Even for families that plan activities to do together (1,000-piece puzzle, anyone?), phones can get in the way. Between made-for-selfie moments and mountains of presents to snap, there's always a reason to be on your phone, just like you would be any other day of the year.

So we say, why not make Christmas the one time where you untether yourself and attempt a digital detox of sorts? The clever minds at design agency Rethink have even come up with a DIY to help you out. Check this out:

How to turn any device into a Christmas ornament. #diy #holidayhack

A video posted by Rethink (@rethinkcanada) on

That's right — it's time to make your phone an ornament. And those cute little animations? If you go to (note: it's a site made for mobile phones), you'll find it's very easy to turn your screen into a dancing snowman. Like this:

So what do you say? Think you can handle being without your phone for at least part of the holiday this year? Let us know if you try it!

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