12/15/2015 08:06 EST | Updated 12/15/2015 08:59 EST

'Star Wars' Merchandise That Has Gone Way Too Far

It appears that a "Star Wars" movie can't, exactly, sell itself.

A long time ago in a decade far, far away, the "Star Wars" spoof "Spaceballs" mocked the ridiculous products that comprise the franchise's merchandising.

Today, "Star Wars" merchandise is approaching the level of parody as "The Force Awakens" inches toward its long-awaited opening.

Social media users are slowly growing frustrated with the marketing efforts for the sci-fi picture, if recent Reddit posts are any indication.

They are openly mocking products such as "Star Wars" fruit, "Star Wars" makeup, even "Star Wars" the high heels.

Below you'll find a list of products that go a little too far when it comes to marketing this franchise. Try to imagine their names being read out in Mel Brooks' voice.

Here are 16 times that "Star Wars" marketing went too far:

"Star Wars" the apple

"Star Wars" the orange

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"Star Wars" the grape

Skywalker Lightsaber Lace Up Heels

star wars heels

"Star Wars" the Nestle Coffee-mate

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"Star Wars" the humidifier

r2d2 humidifier

"Star Wars" the Cover Girl lipstick

star wars lipstick

"Star Wars" the Niagara bottled water

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"Star Wars" the TooGood potato chips

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"Star Wars" the U.S. mailbox

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Chewbacca Leggings

chewbacca leggings

The "Star Wars" Death Star spatula

star wars death star spatula

Wampa Rug

wampa rug

"Star Wars" the condom

star wars condom

"Star Wars" the aquarium

r2d2 aquarium

Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

admiral ackbar singing bass

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