12/15/2015 12:00 EST | Updated 12/15/2015 12:00 EST

Canadian Taxpayers' Federation Releases Annual "Naughty And Nice List"

Dean Bennett, Jason Franson/CP

EDMONTON — It's a mixed message for Santa this year from the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation, which is recommending Saint Nick give the Alberta NDP government a big old lump of coal, but maybe also a really pretty container to store it in.

The CTF has released its annual "Taxpayer Naughty and Nice List,'' targetting those politicians who misuse tax dollars but also those who put taxpayers first.

Topping the "naughty'' list are Premier Rachel Notley and Environment Minister Shannon Phillips for their carbon tax "that will do virtually nothing to stop climate change.''

"The CTF keeps a close eye on government, so we know when they've been bad or good."

Finance Minister Joe Ceci also gets a thumb's down for "hiking a laundry list of taxes immediately after taking office and leaving taxpayers with a mystery bill for hosting expenses without a receipt.''

The CTF says they were later told by the New Democrat caucus office that Ceci's receipts were submitted in time but were not posted online due to "human error,'' adding that situation has been rectified.

As for the "nice'' list, it is topped by Aboriginal Relations Minister Kathleen Ganley, NDPers Rod Loyola and Jon Carson, and Wildrose Leader Brian Jean for charging no MLA expenses.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman also makes the grade for questioning "frivolous spending'' by the Alberta School Boards Association when she was Edmonton Public School Board chairwoman.

Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice gets nailed as "naughty'' for "taking his snowball and going home after losing the provincial election, sticking taxpayers with an unnecessary $275,000 byelection bill.''

"Some people need to be reminded it's the season for giving, not taking,'' said CTF Alberta director Paige MacPherson. "The CTF keeps a close eye on government, so we know when they've been bad or good. So next year, be good for goodness sake!''

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