12/16/2015 04:37 EST | Updated 12/17/2015 06:59 EST

Exercises To Burn Off 8 Common Types Of Junk Food

Though we don't ... really recommend eating and working out at the same time.

There's no question the calorie count goes up this time of year, no matter how much you try to avoid it.

But if you were thinking your usual walk around the block at lunch was enough to even out the scales (literally), this infographic from BuddyLoans puts that into perspective.

Listing off eight of the most common junk foods many of us indulge in from time to time, it drives home the reality of exactly what we're consuming.

Of course, that walk around the block, and all of the other normal activity you do in a day can help too. Just be prepared to kick it up a notch when the burger craving comes a-calling.

burning off junk food

Plus, in the video below, BuddyLoans even provides a workout to give you ideas for exercises that will do the trick:

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