Kids Have Depressing Responses To Idea Of A Woman Doing Santa's Job

"She would get lost in the sky."

Santa Claus has a pretty hard job, but could a woman do it? According to a bunch of children, apparently not.

In a social experiment that suggests many parents may need to better educate their kids about gender roles, the creative agency Anomaly teamed up with RSA Films to ask British youngsters whether a woman could do Santa's job.

Most of them said no.

While it's understandable that kids might have a hard time envisioning St. Nick differently than they've always imagined, their reasons why a female Santa couldn't work weren't very encouraging.

"It'll be too heavy for a lady," one boy said, seemingly referring to the sack of toys.

"She would get lost in the sky," said another.

But not all of them were doubtful.

"Maybe the girl Santa might be like one of the strongest ladies in the world," one boy said in the original YouTube clip.

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