12/18/2015 07:23 EST | Updated 12/18/2015 07:59 EST

Bob Ristovski Receives $1,697 Tip For Delivering Pizza To Windsor, Ont. Church

Windsor, Ont. pizzeria owner Bob Ristovski thought he was just delivering a pizza on Wednesday night.

Little did he know that when he arrived at a gathering of the Celebration of Praise International church, that the congregation would have a major surprise for the small business owner.

A video posted to YouTube on Thursday shows Ristovski, the owner of Bob O's Pizzeria, being brought before an audience by Pastors Kim and Mel Freeman.

The pastors inform him that the congregation picked a name out of a basket, and chose him to receive a $1,697 tip as an act of kindness. Church members pooled their money together to give him the Christmas tip.

"God specifically chose you," Pastor Kim tells Ristovski. "Nothing is by chance."

Ristvoski can hardly contain his emotion when he hears the news. The video shows him clasping his face and hugging the pastors before he puts his hands together as though he's praying.

Christmas is all about generosity. And this church nailed it.

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