These Cereal Recipes Will Up Your Breakfast Game

The definition of thinking outside the box.

Breakfast can be far too easy to forget about — you're rushing out of the house, you don't feel too hungry in the morning and let's be honest, it can be so, so boring.

Having a variety of cereals on hand can help quell that routine, but there's always that bothersome feeling of knowing they aren't all that good for you — we found some of our favourites had as much as 21 grams of sugar per serving!

The solution? Make your own cereal recipe. We've pulled together a variety of cereal options — which yes, include granola — to perk up your morning meal and actually get you eating in the a.m. We snuck in a few dessert-oriented cereal options too because, well, they sounded too good to leave out.

28 Cereal Recipes