12/18/2015 06:27 EST | Updated 12/18/2015 06:59 EST

Fitness Trends From 2015 (To Try In 2016!)

From jumping rope (for fun!) to surfing, we could just get into these.

Every year brings its fair share of weird and wacky fitness trends, which, let's be honest, become less strange and more mainstream the longer they're around. After all, CrossFit was once considered some sort of extreme fitness, and now everyone from your teenage cousin to retired dad is doing it.

In 2015, plenty of workouts came on the market that promised new ways to tone, sculpt and improve your body. To that we say, it's not likely that anyone has found new muscles to hit, but if you have discovered a type of exercise that appeals to particular personalities and interests, we are all for it.

After all, if we've learned anything from our Lost It weight loss stories, it's that you'll only do the exercise if you enjoy it — so why not make it as fun as possible?

Check out these 10 workouts that seem like they could just take the work out of working out. If they're not already available near you, hopefully they will be in 2016!


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