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What Dietitians Would Eat At Casey's

Sadly, no burgers except the grilled vegetable burger!

Casey's Bar and Grill has grown quite a bit since its first location opened in Ontario in 1980, and so has its menu. While you'll still find classic bar food like poutine and nachos, the Canadian chain also has a long list of salads, fish entrees, sandwiches and pasta bowls.

But, like many pub menus, Casey's has a lot of sodium in their dishes. "Watching the sodium is really important, but often gets overlooked. Your total allowance for the day is 2500 mg of sodium... many of the choices in the menu exceed 1500 mg in sodium," says registered dietitian Anar Allidina.

And it's not just burgers and fries that are loaded with sodium. "Even something that is seen as healthy, such as the salmon, gives you 2000 mg of sodium for the entree," says Allidina.

To help manage your sodium intake while dining out, this week's dietitians recommend a variety of tactics like ordering dressings on the side and steering clear of optional sides like fries and coleslaw.

This week, we asked dietitians what they would eat at Casey's in Ontario for lunch or dinner. From veggie burgers (which appeared on almost everyone's list) to a steak sandwich that's packed with protein, check out the dietitian-approved options below.

What Dietitians Would Order At Casey's

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