12/21/2015 07:15 EST | Updated 12/21/2015 07:59 EST

Darth Vader Becomes The Grinch In This Hilarious Christmas Video

Darth Vader finds your holiday cheer disturbing.

The villain from the original "Star Wars" trilogy becomes "Darth Santa" in a video posted to YouTube Monday, and makes it his mission to ruin Christmas.

The clip, produced by L.A.'s Corridor Digital, shows Vader making a total mess of someone's home. He puts coal in people's stockings, knocks over a glass of milk, and even crushes Christmas cookies into the carpet.

It's like the Grinch discovered the Force and made haste for Whoville.

Near the end, just when it looks like Vader's heart is about to grow a few sizes, ... well, viewers can discover that on their own by watching the video above.

May the Christmas spirit be with you.

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