12/21/2015 04:45 EST | Updated 12/21/2015 04:59 EST

Pets Recreate Holiday Movies And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

What better way could there be to refresh beloved holiday movies than to add pets?

SheKnows worked together with the Humane Society of New York, PetSmart (who provided the costumes) and seven Instagram-famous four-pawed friends to recreate some of our holiday favourites.

Macaulay Culkin gets replaced by a pug for "Home Alone," but the "cat burglars" are more or less the same. "Love Catually" is just as heartwarming with cats and dogs, if not more. The dogs lost their focus during Elsa's "Let It Go" solo for "Frozen Dogs," but you can't win them all. But wait until the outtakes. Samson the Goldendoodle just couldn't hold it anymore.

This is definitely the perfect video to inspire people to adopt a pet a home for the holidays, which is one of the reasons for the video.

The other, we're guessing, is to give you some ideas for next year's movie-themed Christmas card. Your friends and family are guaranteed to love it, but you'll have to ask your pet how they feel.

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