12/21/2015 10:55 EST | Updated 12/21/2015 10:59 EST

Mani Monday: How To Create 'Star Wars' Inspired Nail Art

For all the Star Wars fans out there!

It's finally here. No, not Christmas... "Star Wars"!

Practically everyone has seen the movie already — at least once. And you may have loved it so much that you feel the need to express it in more ways than one, including your nail art! But how can you translate a movie into a nail art design? Here are some tips for taking inspiration from a movie, TV show or book and turning it into nail art designs.

1. Draw out your designs on paper first. Create 10 boxes on a plain piece of paper and start sketching.

2. Create an abstract interpretation of a character. Don't want to do a full R2D2 design? How about white, blue and silver stripes?

3. Look at cartoon drawings for simplistic designs. Don't get overwhelmed with having to make your design look lifelike. Cartoon drawings simplify the character and make creating your design that much easier.

4. Leave your more intricate designs for your non-dominant hand. If you are right handed, create the most difficult designs on the nails on your left hand.

5. Use acrylic paints instead of nail polish. Start with a nail polish base and apply top coat. Once that is dry, you can create your designs with acrylic paints. If you mess up with those, just use water to remove and the nail polish base is untouched.

6. Practice, practice, practice. Mastering nail art can take some time, so don't get frustrated if you mess it up the first, second or even tenth time. It's just nail polish. Remove it from the one nail and start again.

Kaitlyn Delano is a beauty blogger based in Toronto. You can find all of her nail art designs on her blog, Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty, as well as makeup reviews and tutorials.

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