12/22/2015 07:09 EST | Updated 12/22/2016 05:12 EST

Canada's Christmas Weather To Be A 'Tale Of Two Seasons'

Victor Korchenko via Getty Images
Tornto, Ontario downtown, TD Centre and Bay Street banking district seen from Brookfield Place office tower.
TORONTO — Half of all Canadians will see a white Christmas this year, in what The Weather Network's chief meteorologist is calling "a tale of two seasons."

While most of Canada's land mass will be blanketed in the requisite two centimetres of snow to reach white Christmas status, "you can pretty much divide the population right down the middle," Chris Scott said, explaining that most of Canada's major cities will be green on Christmas Day.

Scott said that southern Ontario straight through to Atlantic Canada will be snow-free, and some areas can even expect rain on Christmas Eve.


Take a good, hard look at that photo. It's the closest you'll get to a white Christmas this year. (Getty Images)

But from northern Ontario to British Columbia, it's a different story, he said. In those regions — excluding Vancouver and Victoria — the ground will be snowy.

"Most of these places that have snow on the ground won't actually have snow falling, so travelling to friends and family will be pretty easy," he added. "Any more tricky travel would be well to the North: northern Ontario, northern Quebec and Labrador."

But, he said, there shouldn't be any "big-ticket storms" on Christmas Day.

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