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Glosette Raisins Recall Issued Over Possible Traces Of Peanuts

The company dubbed it a "voluntary recall."

Be extra cautious when indulging your sweet tooth this holiday season, especially while eating a particular brand of chocolate-covered raisins.

Hershey Canada Inc. issued a recall Monday of specific boxes of Glosette because they may contain previously-undisclosed traces of peanuts. This warning was not outlined on the package label or nutritional information and can pose a serious risk to those with peanut allergies or nut sensitivities.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) warns contact with the candy could result in "a serious or life-threatening reaction" for those with any of the aforementioned allergies.

Calgary's 660 News reports Hershey is pulling the product from store shelves, as the CFIA calls for the products to be returned to their place of purchase, or disposed of.

The company has dubbed it a "voluntary recall."

The packages under recall are sold in 50 gram boxes and have best before dates of Sept. 2016. They also contain the codes 67CFB, 67DFB, 67KFB, or 67LFB.

Though Glosette raisins are sold across the country, there haven't been any related illnesses or hospitalizations reported, according to CTV News.


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