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The Biggest Menswear Moments Of 2015

From full-frontal nudity to Fashion Santa, menswear in 2015 was anything but boring.

Depending on who you’re talking to, menswear in 2015 was either a heretic revolution or the jump forward needed to align with society at-large. Men’s styles have been evolving at a near-breakneck speed over the last decade, finally unshackled from tradition by socially conscious, social media-savvy millennial consumers unwilling to be restrained by office clothing and impossibly narrow-minded heteronormativity (or, the need to dress like a bro).

These mercurial, societal and occupational environments made menswear in 2015 exponentially more diverse than previous years. From plus-size male models to an increase in gender fluidity and androgyny at men’s fashion weeks, difference has never been celebrated in the mainstream so vocally.

Men’s interest in clothing has also never been higher. Between 2010 and 2015, online menswear spending grew by 17.5 per cent, outpacing computers, cameras and beer. Retailers have taken notice; following in the footsteps of Canada’s own Holt Renfrew Men, Saks Fifth Avenue will be opening a dedicated men’s location in downtown Manhattan come 2017.

Check out the biggest menswear moments of 2015 below (note: some images are NSFW):

Menswear Moments 2015

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