The Biggest Celebrity Divorces Of 2015

Was anyone safe from this year's breakup bug?

It doesn't matter that we don't really know them, but when a celebrity couple calls it quits, it hurts all of us.

In the slideshow below, we looked at the 22 couples that split up this year. From A-list actors to country music stars to a pair of Muppets, these couples had us questioning if anyone was safe from the breakup bug that was taking over Hollywood.

But why exactly do we care about celebrities and their relationship status? According to Concordia pop culture expert Matthew Hays, we might be secretly enjoying the misery of the fabulous. Hays points out that society, and specifically tabloids, gain plenty by celebrating celebrities, but gain even more by tearing them down, "reminding us they are mere mortals."

Dr John Maltby, author of A Clinical Interpretation of Attitudes and Behaviours Associated with Celebrity Worship, has a slightly different take. He suggests we project what we want for ourselves on our favourite celebrities, so when their relationships fail, we mourn them like our own.

Which celebrity breakup were you most upset about? Let us know in the comments below.

Celebrity Divorces 2015