Jerry Seinfeld Celebrates Festivus In His Own Way

He did not forget to air his list of grievances, either.

Let's rumble!

Jerry Seinfeld has a lot of feelings about Festivus, the secular tradition popularized on his namesake sitcom through George Costanza's father, Frank. This parody holiday, which the New York Times describes as a "perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering," is typically celebrated on Dec. 23, and Seinfeld did not forget to commemorate the occasion.

In a video posted on wife Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram, the 61-year-old comedian honoured these rituals by announcing "Happy Festivus!"

The Emmy winner also noted he was in the presence of his own "metal pole" — a spoon, in place of a bare aluminum pole with a "very high strength-to-weight ratio."

And true to form, he aired his list of grievances: "everything."

A special message on this special day.

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However, Seinfeld appeared to opt out of participating in the feats of strength, a practice where the head of the household fights an opponent of their choosing until one is pinned to the floor.

"Seinfeld" writer Dan O'Keefe celebrated Festivus as a child, and used his own eccentric experiences about his father's "belief system" as fodder while writing the 1997 episode, "The Strike." This launched the holiday into the pop culture lexicon, where it continues to be observed worldwide.

Dubbed a "Festivus for the rest of us," the holiday has non-commercial ties and opts for a more hostile spin on family gatherings.

Festivus references also permeate into Canada's political culture.

Last December, MP Tony Clement cited the tradition in a speech in the House of Commons. Referring to federal holiday cheer and procedural policy, Clement said, "Sometimes I feel that in this place Festivus is the only holiday, the traditional airing of grievances.”

Perhaps Clement and Seinfeld are two of a kind in the grievances department.

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