12/24/2015 04:48 EST | Updated 12/24/2015 04:59 EST

Boxing Day Deals In 2015 On Things You've Always Wanted For Your Home

After a few days in your house, you may be ready to spruce it up.

Oleksiy Maksymenko via Getty Images
Blurred with motion people on an escalator at Toronto Eaton Centre shopping mall on Boxing day 2011. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you spend your Christmas opening presents, the last thing you might want to do the day afterwards is go buy more stuff.

Or alternatively, spending all that time at home on Christmas made you realize exactly what you wanted to spruce up your house, and Boxing Day deals are just the place where you want to invest.

For the biggest sales in 2015, all the usual suspects are coming out in full force: everyone from Best Buy to Walmart to the Bay to Indigo are offering sales to the tune of up to 60 per cent off in some cases.

In case you've forgotten, Boxing Day's origins come from British upper classes giving boxes, or gifts, to their staff on the day after Christmas, as well as the day off. So in a sense (albeit a completely outdated one), the holiday is meant to celebrate the upkeep of the home.

We say, you go do it for yourself. Check out these deals that we think might just be worth it. And of course, these are just the previews, so the day of sales could be even better.

Looking for electronics or fashion? We haveyou covered.

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