12/24/2015 12:17 EST | Updated 12/24/2015 12:59 EST

Gigi Hadid Called Out For 'Cultural Appropriation' With Henna Tattoos

Gigi Hadid just got herself sucked into a cultural appropriation debate, despite her best attempts to avoid it.

On Wednesday, the 20-year-old supermodel Instagrammed a picture of her and her friends' hands, all adorned with henna tattoos.

“Had the best night with some of my oldest friends last night. Feel so blessed to have a foundation of friendship that will bond us for the rest of our lives," she captioned the photo.

However, knowing how sensitive people can be regarding cultural appropriation, especially with celebrities, Hadid also added, "(& before you go all 'cultural appropriation' in my comments, check out the last name. Hadid. Half Palestinian & proud of it)."

Many critics, however, were quick to call out the Model of the Year, pointing out that she hasn't spoken out about Palestine in the past, reports Refinery29.

One commenter wrote, "If you're so 'proud' of being Palestinian, then why don't you prove it and take action by donating to Gaza?"

Another said, "Literally first time I've seen her acknowledge her Palestinian side..."

But Gigi has been vocal about her background in the past, often telling her fans about her Dutch and Palestinian heritage. And her Palestinian roots were also highlighted in a Vogue write-up accompanying Hadid's recreation of Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover, which starred Israeli Michaela Bercu.

So should Gigi really be receiving flack for wearing henna? Yes, it is a tradition often associated with India, but as Mic notes, "tattoo" art is found in many Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cultures, including Palestinian communities.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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